Classic Application Support


What is Included

Our experts are here to answer all your questions regarding the court marriage.

Preparing the right documents in the right way following the right procedure can be a scary step. Our experts will take of all that for you.

During the whole preparation, you will never be alone. We are here to guide and help you.

We work with the local authorities to fix your wedding appointment. Please note that only the court can proceed or not with your application.

What Can Be Added

Depending on your nationality, some embassies may ask you to keep your wedding certificate. We will make sure to provide you with two hard copies.

After the wedding, we will make sure you have a legal and valid marriage certificate.

Because every bride needs her own special bouquet.

No need to worry about the transport to and from the court, we will be honored to give you that special ride!

You enjoy your wedding, and our professional photographer will make sure to catch each and every special moment of it.

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